Cupcakes galore

Everywhere you go – parties, dinners, bakeries, restaurants and events, there’s cupcakes. The small cake for one person seems to desert du jour at the moment loved by everyone.

My fave ones are cinammon and red velvet made by the ultra-talented Poonam from Spoony Cakes. She’s based close to where I live and makes the best cupcakes ever.

Here’s some pics of ones I’ve received:

Hummingbird Bakery – always popular and you just can’t go wrong with the selection

Spoony cakes made an amazing selection for my cocktails and canapé Christmas party – suffice to say there weren’t any left the next day

Cupcakes from Bea’s of Bloomsbury sent by client BT to say thank you

And lastly but not least Cox, Cookies and Cupcakes made by shoe designer Patrick Cox. The triple Valrhona chocolate chip cake with chocolate frosting sprinkled with crunchy mini malt balls were delectable…(one on the left and right of the top line!)

Now I’m getting hungry just thinking about them – time for lunch.

Enjoy the pics and let me know where you recommended.



Cabana Brasil, kites and havaianas

There’s always new restaurants to try in London and when I discovered Cabana Brasil in St Giles square, I knew we were in for a treat.

The theme is Brazilian barbecue; skewered meats and veggies cooked on the barbecue and served off the skewer at the table. Being a vegetarian, I was amazed at the street food and sides available including sweet potato fries, cassava chips, rice balls, crispy pastels.

If you’re opting for the barbecued skewers, the waiter will give you a “stop/go” card, red on one side, green on the other. The idea is to leave the card on your table with the green side facing up if you want the waiters to bring barbecued food to your table, and red if you don’t. The waiter then stamps your menu to keep track of how many skewers you have eaten so they can add it all up at the end.

The decor is also very cool – denim covered chairs, open kitchen, havaianas, and bright orange kites on the ceiling.