A picture is worth a thousand words – Pinterest

So everyone knows my love of discovering cool new places or things to do so Pinterest was an obsession of mine last year where I could curate what recipes, food pics or places to visit. On here I’ve also created my dream home (one day!) as well as boards on places to visit, food & drink that I will one day make….which you can see here: http://pinterest.com/sharmeemavadia/

Pinterest is simply a virtual pinboard where people can “pin” things they like onto their own board – either from other people’s boards, websites or by uploading photos. What started out as a fun way to post things you liked – from clothes to interesting websites – or an easy way to organise to-do lists, get ideas for events and make wish lists, has now turned into a platform that many brands and companies can use to build their brands. So far, we saw companies like Nordstrom, The Travel Company and Whole Foods use this platform; but it seems that Europe is really catching on its droves.

Generally speaking, Pinterest is a visual feast that lets:

  • You drool and be inspired at people’s creations, find inspiration for a new dish or new recipes and lets you share or keep a record for of food-related blog posts, recipes, websites, and images that you like
  • Foodies can establish their business on here to engage new consumers and interact. Uploading images of food linking to your site or website, events or photos of your staff tells a story about your business and entices consumers
  • The travel & hospitality industry relies on appearance. Pinterest is ideal to promote a specific lifestyle that’s unique to each destination. Travel companies, hotels and attraction owners can set the mood for your next trip by creating holiday inspiration boards full of pictures from the area or highlighting activities can inspire consumers to take a trip there and experience specific attractions and locations.
  • Launch contests and competitions could be launched around creating the best pinboard; brands can build relationships with their evangelists by inviting them to collaborate on boards together.

Pinboards can capture the brand essence or personality and inspire the viewer to action – be it a how-to on building your work wardrobe, ideas for budget decorating, or gift guides and new Christmas recipes to try this season. Nordstrom uses its boards to post seasonal trends on fashion, whilst Whole Foods posts recipes, seasonal decor ideas and how to use food as art.

In short, it’s like tweeting a blog post, but you’re sharing it through images rather than words. It’s invite only so let me know if you want an invite to the hottest new social network….or if you have some boards then feel free to share them with me…

For my views on how PR can use Pinterest take a read on Firefly Comms blog.


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