A Night in Supperclub Amsterdam

I was really excited to visit the iconic and original Supperclub in Amsterdam on a city break with friends. What a night – combining a lying down restaurant where the food is brought to your bed or a dancing around nightclub was a fun night out.

There are Supperclub’s around the world, from LA to London with sparkly white floors, walls and fixtures and beds along two sides of a warehouse space. We were seated in the middle of the long bed – unfortunately this was a little squashed but there were loads of cushions.

There is no menu – it changes every day and is created on the spot by the in-house professional chefs with five courses that go on for hours and hours. The creative side of the food is unique and this is where the chef has done a great job.bining a lying down restaurant where the food is brought to your bed or a dancing around nightclub was a fun night out.

Our menu:

  1. Pre-starter: White chocolate and goatcheese bavarois with honey-port and raisin dressing and a walnut crunch served in glasses
  2. Soup: Celeriac soup served in jam jars
  3. Starter: Risotto of red beets with deepfried prawns or asparagus, chocolate and red pepper oil and green salad
  4. Main: vegetable quiche with sweet potato mash and parsnips (hard to tell exact ingredients for this)
  5. Desert: Chocolate tiramisu with pure chocolate sorbet, white chocolate mousse and almond crunch
  6. Wine, wine, wine

As Gregg and John from Masterchef would say – it was perfectly seasoned and had a deep, rich, velvety goodness that delivered on every single level. The food, without a doubt, is amazing.

Entertainment wise – there was an amazing painter Naad who created a portrait of Dexter with a wing made from rusty old razor blade and a burlesque dancer which livened everything up after dinner.

Our only comment is could have done with a little more space on the beds between parties and it would have been great to see the menu afterwards.


One thought on “A Night in Supperclub Amsterdam

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