Vino e vino

A catch up with some old work friends called for a change in venue. I discovered Vino and Vino wine bar online and after wondering down the streets of Farringdon found the cute little wine bar opposite St Barts in Smithfield.

As you walk in you feel like your abroad with a wall filled with wine bottles and a small wine shop where you can buy the wine. The choice of wine filled nearly four pages and every glass comes with a selection of aperitivo – Italian canapés!


The red wine we chose was
Morellino di Scansano from Tuscany was medium bodied and rustic – v easy to drink. The selection of food was small and very snack size – cheese or meat boards and salad. There was of course the authentic and very well prepared melanzane parmigiana – the chef told us that was her speciality and she loves showing her passion for food and wine through it.

You can definitely see the passion in this small yet v Italian bar. If your in the area than do pop in for a drink. I would however recommend that the nearby Vivat Bacchus looked much busier so possibly more livelier…one to try next time.


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