Breakfast at The Wolseley

One of the greatest thing about working in PR is you get to go to some fab restaurants so couldn’t quite believe my luck when I had a meeting booked at the Wolseley with one of my favourite journalists! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and nowhere is this more appreciated than at the Wolseley.

Walking through the door, the grandeur of the place hits you the moment you walk in through the architecture with marble pillars, arches and stairways and  Venetian and Florentine detailing. It reminded me of the grand coffee houses in Vienna. There were a few celebs seated around but no one I recognised and fairly early in the morning.

The menu was presented with so many of the big breakfast dishes listed including eggs anyway you like them, muesli, pancakes, porridge, bagels and the full English. I made my mind up and ordered the ultimate favourite french toast with blueberries and crème frâiche while the others went for poached eggs or eggs florentine.

The food arrived quickly: my plate of french bread filled with perfectly drizzled crème fraiche and fresh blueberries to make your mouth water – it was delicious and could be the one of the best I have ever had.

Service was fantastic yet not intrusive which I think can often ruin a meal! I’ll be back here for breakfast or better still may visit Delaunay, the sister restaurant!


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