Red Pesto Pasta

Italian food is one of my favourites to cook at home and we often make pasta or home-made pizzas – easy, straightforward and delicious. My husband’s signature dish is red pesto pasta made fresh.

Here’s how he makes it for the two of us

  • Mix together 2 handfuls of fresh basil, 4-5 sun-dried tomatoes, handful of pine nuts, 2 cloves of garlic, olive oil, sea salt to taste, tomata paste (cirio) and ground pepper
  • Grind the mixture into a smooth paste (use a blender for this)
  • Make pasta in a separate pan – remember to add a touch of salt and olive oil
  • Fry finely-cut half an onion into olive oil for a few minutes
  • Stir the red pesto mixture to the onions and cook
  • Add half a tin of chopped tomatoes to the frying pan and let it cook
  • Mix in 100 ml of creme fraiche to the pan
  • Keep stirring till it starts bubbling
  • Add the pasta to the red pesto sauce

Serve up with garlic bread and glass of red wine.

Enjoy and Buon Appetito as the Italians would say!


3 thoughts on “Red Pesto Pasta

  1. You know what, that just sounds fabulous, Sharmee. I am always in for pasta! I must try this recipe during the weekend! Thanks for sharing my dear!

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