Lunch in Chancery Lane

Moving from the food fuelled area of Soho where you have an endless choice of lunch options to Chancery Lane was a little disappointing especially as there seemed to be a Pret or Eat on every street corner.

But after some wandering I found some cute little cafes and even better food options:

Pardoe and Wood: on the surface, it seems relatively standard upscale sandwich shop, but once inside you can tell it’s different with great healthy food options – sandwiches, salad, soups and wraps and reasonably priced (around £3). I recommend Caesar wrap or the butternut squash soup.

Konditor and Cook: yes this is an amazing cake shop full of sweet treats but of you want towards the back there’s a long table filled with hot food: pasta, lasagne, moussaka, bakes  and a selection of salads. One of my favourites

Wasabi: sushi place that sells individually wrapped pieces of sushi as well as tofu/chicken noodles and rice options and miso soup. Really efficient service for a quick lunch on the go.

My Old Dutch: variety of sweet and savoury pancakes – even better on Monday’s the pancakes are £5. Good for going with a friend for a fun lunch out

King of Falafel: This is possibly my favourite lunch place at the moment. A long counter where the owner works on 5-6 orders at once making fresh falafel sandwiches with salad for £3.25. Slightly spice but ever so tasty and the whole experience is like watching a show take place.

I’ll keep adding to this list as I discover new places in the area.


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