Visiting Oxford – day trip

After being inspired by my friend about the delights of Oxford, we thought we’d take a day trip with some friends to wander around, have a long lunch and then drinks by the river. It’s just an hour north of London and small enough to just meander around and soak in the atmosphere.

Once you get into town, the views are mesmerizing. If the gorgeous architecture doesn’t win you over, then the cobblestone streets surely will. Many people (including me) will be surprised to hear that Oxford does not have a unified college campus, but rather, is made up of a number of independent colleges, each with its own identity and unique campus. By far the most popular is Christ Church College, famous for its rich history and more recently the fact it houses The Dining Hall where they Filmed Harry Potter. We also walked past Radcliffe Square and took pictures under the Bridge of Sighs, a  replica of the Venetian Bridge of Sighs.

Apart from the sights, we enjoyed cider in the sun at The Head of the River pub which is right on the banks of the river with lots of outdoor sitting and a lovely long pub lunch with one of the ultimate deserts – salted caramel chocolate tart!!

Now, where next?


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