Masterchef inspiration

So sad that Masterchef is over but many many congrats to Shelina as the winner of MasterChef who’s delicious dishes really did bring sunshine and mangos to her plates she created! She brought vibrant and tasty Mauritian cooking to British BBC viewers which has so many different styles of cooking including Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, French, African and Indian influencing it.

The 29-year-old became the second woman to win the title beat Andrew Kojima and Tom Rennolds in the final.

The winning menu:

Starter – Octopus served on marinated fennel, pickled ginger, sliced baby beetroot and carrots, tomato concasse; served with brown shrimp jelly; mango and apple vinegar; and tobiko (fish roe).

Main – Mutton curry with mustard seed and turmeric-marinated bone marrow; biryani rice; Swiss chard roulade stuffed with green banana pickle; and chilli pumpkin quenelle.

Dessert – Mango cannelloni filled with lime curd; coconut and rum blancmange; white chocolate and creme fraiche samosa; and mango jelly squares.

All recipes can be found on Shelina’s website.

Photo from Voice-Online.


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