Celebrations at Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield

I just love finding new cosy places to recommend to others – and the Crazy Bear is one of those places.  Being my dad’s 60th and my 30th, we thought we’d start the week celebrating in style at this flamboyant venue which is a hotel, Thai restaurant, English pub and decadent bar. Set within the village of Beaconsfield, Crazy Bear is a cross between a traditional English country house and an opulent bachelor flat combining brave creative design with bold animal prints, barn-like timber frames and French boudoir.

The place isn’t easy to find and luckily having been to the one in Charlotte Street, I knew we needed to look for huge wooden doors with no sign. And once you open them up you see velvet curtains, a piano and a staircase decorated with foliage. We started off in the bar area enjoy cocktails made by leading ‘mixologist’ Anthony Peart with a champagne Rossini, Crazy Bear Mule and Lychee Mojito. All v delish and even more so in the surrounding plush area with Persian pony skin on the walls, chairs studded with crystals, dripping chandeliers and toilets that are unmarked and impossible to find but tres glam inside!

Once we had our drinks, the waiter came over to guide us to the barn two doors away. There is an English restaurant decorated in gold leaf with an open fire where you can enjoy traditional English fare but we opted for the modern Thai which is apparently prepared by chefs trained at The Royal Thai Palace. You get your usual dishes here with an added twist and we went for: dim-sum, spring rolls, tempura (vegetables and prawn) and Japanese tofu with asparagus for starters. This was followed by Thai green curry, pad Thai, aubergine penang curry and the boys had a venison stir fry. I wanted the salted caramel (remember my love for this) but we opted for a birthday cake instead!

Definitely pricey but I feel due to the sheer coolness of a combination of opulence and traditional surroundings, it’s a place for a birthday or anniversary. Oh and hot tip – if it’s warm you can sit outside next to the heated pool which looked magical.

PS: Scenes from Brief Encounter, Thunderball, Hot Fuzz and Midsomer Murders were all filmed in Old Beaconsfield.



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