Brunch at Wet Fish Cafe Hampstead

I love going out for brunch and unfortunately have yet to discover any near us so the closest is either The Breakfast Club or going into town. Using Yelp, I found a place closer to home in uber trendy West Hampstead: Wet Fish Cafe.

It’s a great place to spend a lazy Sunday and the setting is cute, eclectic and casual – just like the menu! The brunch menu is available from 10-4 and my favourite French bread was on our table within ten minutes of ordering. Unfortunately the dish that hubbie ordered: Bubble and Squeak wasn’t available – slightly poor for 2 hours after opening. He went for the poached eggs w crispy pancetta on homemade corn bread which looked delish! My French toasted brioche was tasty but a little soft for my liking and not sweet enough.

Found this place a little pricey but a gem in West Hampstead. I do need to find a closer place to home for brunch though as so far nothing has tasted a great as The Breakfast Club.


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