Kimchee – Korean speciality

I’m always one to try new food especially if it’s a little spicy, tasty and authentic. I had walked past Kimchee in Holborn several times but didn’t know how amazing it would be.

Korean food is largely undiscovered compared to its Thai and Japanese counterparts, but it is fast gaining popularity in London. The name ‘Kimchee’, one of Korea’s national dishes, is the most popular accompaniment to any meal.  It’s a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings and there are hundreds of varieties of kimchi made with a main vegetable ingredient such as napa cabbageradishscallion or cucumber. Korean’s also love BBQ which can be seen cooking in the open plan kitchen.
I ordered: The “Tofu Dolsot Bibimbap” – a delicious dish of Korean rice cooked in an earthenware pot with vegetables and tofu cooked in an earthenware pot. This came with a red chilli paste to add. It tasted amazing and would definitely recommend. I’d come back here for dinner with a group where you can order more dishes and try different things – the tofu udon dish and kimchee vegetables looked delish. It’s a great place for veggies.
For the meat eaters out there – there’s noodles, rice, Bibimbap and charcoal barbeque to choose from alongside a selection of cocktails.

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