Isle of Capri

The scent of lemon blossoms and fresh sea air is what hits you when you take the boat from Sorrento to Capri which is the only way to get to this beautiful yet very expensive island. Ice cream was £5 so make sure you have enough money!!
The coastline, where the cliffs fall to the sea in many spots, is dotted with caves and surrounded by reefs. It’s such a pretty place and the best way to see the Island is to hire a boat and walk around. Although we did get lost and ended up walking up and down the stairs of a really steep path for over an hour the views made the adventure worth it!
Don’t miss out on seeing:
  • The town of Anacapri and its surrounding villas and hikes
  • The Blue Grotto is a beautiful cave at the water’s edge with a tiny opening to the sea that opens and closes with the tide. The entrance is small and depending on the tide there is just enough space for only a small rowboat to get through. It often closes due to tides and waves, so check before going
  • Faraglioni Rocks: three spurs of rock which rise up out of the sea
  • Chairlift from Anacapri up to Monte Solaro for views over the bay of Naples from the summit
  • Villa Jovis: the residence of the Emperor Tiberius
  • People watching in the many cafes and spotting any celebs

Capri is really expensive – so take drinks and snacks with you or buy a sandwich to eat in the many piazzas and squares.


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