Parisien Love

Whether you are immersing yourself with city life from a sidewalk café or taking a leisurely walk along the Seine, you will slowly unravel what the city of chic, romance and lights has to offer. After spending a year in Paris, the top 10 things to visit in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Versaille were replaced by hidden sights, as I continued to explore and discover the city. My sister – blogger junkie asked me to write a blog about Paris – so I have put together my top must see/do’s!

Sacré Coeur. One of my favourite places in Paris. The Sacré Coeur is a Roman Catholic Church dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus. Situated on top of a hill crest, the large monument is visible throughout Paris. You can walk up the steps or take the funicular to the top and walk around the cobbled streets to discover the artisans. The Square Jehan Rictus at Place des Abbesses has a blue tiled wall with the words “I love you” written in over 250 languages and dialects.

Le Marais – known as the Jewish quarter, is an area filled with chic boutiques, art galleries and cafes.  Down a small cobblestone street full of falafel and bakery shops, there is always one restaurant with the longest queue:  L’As du Falafel – best falafels in city!

Afternoon Tea at La Duree: The iconic patisserie, salon de thé and delicatessen offer a wide selection of tea, cakes, and of course famous macaroons in all colours, flavours and sizes. No visit to Paris is complete without going here.

Another famous salon de thé is Angelina, just steps away from Le Louvre (where you can stop to see the famous Mona Lisa).  Whether you stop for tea or their famous hot chocolate or maybe a mille-feuille or their famous Mont Blanc, you will not be disappointed.

Best Views of Paris: After going up and down the Eiffel tower countless number of times when friends or families came to visit, I realised that I appreciated the view of the Eiffel Tower more than the panoramic view of Paris.  Metro Station: Tocadéro will lead you to a large open area where you have a breath-taking view of the Eiffel tower.

During the spring and summer, Champs de Mars, a large greenery area in Paris, home to the Eiffel Tower is the best place for a picnic. It’s near station Ecole Militaire.

If you want an amazing view of Paris, climb the 284 steps to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. The monument itself is the centre of several avenues that form a star. Bbest to climb in the evening, as you will be able to view the several avenues that spoke the monument and form a star.

Bon voyage!! And enjoy your trip to Paris…


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