Ready to pop…baby shower



So my amazing sister and mother organised a fabulous baby shower for me – it was all based on the theme of popping to celebrate the arrival of my sweet baby Reya. I think the theme is so clever, with a “pop”corn bar, various “pop” style food and “pop” decor around the house.

There were “pop” themed invites sent to my friends and family alongside matching cards placed by the food. Keeping with the theme there was a range of food including poppy seed bagels, corn nuts, pop tarts, rice crispy cakes, cake pops and popcorn (both sweet and savoury. And of course there was pop (lemonade or prosecco with pomegranate) and  milk!

We played a couple of baby related games including how fast can each team member blow up a balloon and place it under your top. We also played baby charades, guess the baby (everyone had baby images on the wall) and making baby products from plasticine. So much fun and laughter!

Just think of all of the cute ideas you can come up with for this theme! 


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