Dinner at Elena’s L’Etoile

So when a friend suggested dinner at French restaurant, I wasn’t so sure I’d get a good choice of veg food – the French are not fond of vegetarians! I do however know that if you know where to look you can get some very tasty options experiencing haute cuisine. Luckily my sister lived in Paris so gave us some fantastic suggestions when we were there…

This review isn’t about Paris but Elena’s L’Etoile, one of London’s oldest restaurants situated on Charlotte Street – a glamorous French style bistro with high quality food and warm hospitality. With its rich red velvet banquette seating and starched white table clothes this great institution has a self confident, classic feel. The restaurant is adorned with a vast array of signed photographs along the walls testifies. Swish looking with service that is second to none, offering fresh bread several times, water when asked, topping up wine glasses and bringing out the food promptly.

My chosen dishes were simple yet elegant consisting of a spinach and goats cheese souffle with ratatouille, pesto and toasted pine nuts as a starter and main was a tasty pithiviere of wild mushrooms and artichokes, roast vegetables, polenta, baby spinach and mushroom purée. Both dishes were very different to anything I’ve had before – slightly small portions but well cooked and expertly presented – well the French do style best!

My friends had the steak and hand-cut chips and belly of lamb – all enjoyed their meals. We finished with a kaffir lime and coconut panna cotta and cheese board. The panna cotta was delicious – perfect to share as a whole slice would have been too much. Unfortunately there was 2 slices of bread only on the cheese board – crackers and grapes would have been more apt.

A really lovely meal catching up – would say it’s a pricey restaurant however with the 50% taste card it was worth it. I’m not sure paying full price would be worth it unless it’s a romantic date.


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