Chuck Burger Bar in Harrow


Hubby and I love going to burger bars but there’s none close to where we live. The nearest one is either GBK in Brent Cross (hate that BX) or Hampstead (missions with parking) so was dying to try Chuck Burger Bar in Hatch End. Hatch End is known for being full of restaurants with Casa Mia, Fellini  and Sea Pebbles being favourites so it was in a great location. 

We decided to go for Neil’s first Father’s Day, so bundled up little one and went to the restaurant. It’s a really cool place with some funky wall art designed by street artist: Bejamin McCoy and a lawn outside! We were seated almost immediately and as it was after lunch wasn’t overly busy. Walls were uncovered bricks and there were a range of chairs for each table with the front of the restaurant having more of a bar feel.

I do find that burger bars don’t many veg options – usually a soya burger and that’s all. I remember when I was younger, we used to order burgers without the meat and just the salad/cheese/tomatoes from Burger King – there were no veg options then. Chuck has two tasty sounding options: Zingy Tower Burger (haloumi, portobello mushroom and pickled beetroot)  or Bandito Bean Burger (bean and veg patty).

I went for the Bandito and have to say it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The patty was well-cooked and the toppings were coated with just a right amount of sauce which gave a spicy kick to the burger experience. The best thing about the burgers were the buns used – fresh brioche rolls from Millers Bakery. It gave it that added delicious taste! Triple fried fries were obviously home made and tasted different from other burger restaurants – shame they have to be ordered separate to the burger. Neil was torn between the lamb burger, chicken or pulled pork but ended up going for the huli hili chicken burger which was a spicy chicken breast with salad, monterey cheese and jalapenos with a side of coleslaw! All I can say is that loved it!!

photo 3

We didn’t have starters as the portions are huge but I was torn between the brunch and burger menu. Of course as it is a burger bar, that was the way forward. I’ll be back to try the French Toast stack. We ended with a celebratory dessert – Lazy Brownie Sunday in a jar which was ice cream, whipped cream, brownie topped with oreos. It was delish but a little too rich – I didn’t think there was a necessity for both ice cream and whipping cream.

The meal was a little pricey and I would go back for special occasions – perhaps to even try the brunch menu. If you’re passing by then do pop in for a meal – no reservations means they will always accommodate you. The website is under construction but menu and photos on their Facebook page.


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