Vietnamese Vynam in Finchley

London is a great place to live if you love food. Whether you prefer restaurant fine-dining or local cosy cafes, you can always find somewhere new! We were recommended Vynam Vietnamese Cafe on  Regents Park Road in Finchley by my family and loving the food at Pho, I was keen to try this place and see if it was as good! It’s on a quiet parade of shops in an area so it was great to see this place full of those in the know including many Oriental people.

The restaurant was simple as expected with minimalistic decor, white tablecloths, wooden tables and chairs. This had the casual look and taste of the east, and went down a treat. The only thing that was clearly missing was the weather!The menu is pretty comprehensive and we saw several Vietnamese dishes – there were lots of veg choices as well. We overheard someone on the next table recommending several Vietnamese dishes including the Bánh xèo  – savoury fried pancakes made of rice flour, water, tumeric powder, stuffed with either meat or tofu, diced green onion, and bean sprouts. They are served wrapped in lettuce leaves and dipped in either a fish or soya sauce. 

Clockwise: pancakes, aubergine and tofu hotpot, noodles and sizzling platter

Clockwise: pancakes, aubergine and tofu hotpot, noodles and sizzling platter

We then shared pho noodles with tofu which was just like having pad-thai and an aubergine/tofu served in a clay pot with rice. Neil had the sizzling platter – chicken marinated with spices and stir fried in herbs and coconut milk topped with crushed peanuts – he definitely liked this finishing most of the dish. The clay pot aubergine was tasty but a little bland and definitely needed spicing up. It’s a shame that the Pho dishes are made with a beef and chicken broth as I’d like to have tried one of them. Another downside was that there were no desserts left!
If you live near Finchley, then I’d say it’s a great place to try Vietnamese food especially for the choice of both veg and non-veg dishes!

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