The Grain Store

Grain Store

London is full of restaurants that cater for vegetarians and recently opened is Grain Store – a veg-centric restaurant in the newly developed Granary Square, Kings Cross. Grain Store is an informal place, the building is a warehouse/granary and there’s exposed brick walls, ventilation ducts, worn-looking furniture and funky lighting. 

The menu is a pick ’n’ mix of ingredients and cuisines with a consistency of style and creative pairings that work well. The owner Bruno Loubet has a passion for vegetables – pretty colours and simple styles. Each dish on the menu puts vegetables first and there are 7-8 vegetarian dishes, plus two vegan options! The cocktail list is interesting…anyone for green tomato margarita?!? The pumpkin and maple syrup bellini was good though.

We ordered wild mushroom croquettes that came on a lump of bark covered in pine needles, Chilli con veggies with brown rice and buttermilk & caraway braised cauliflower with black trompettes & fresh grapes. All interesting dishes that were tasty!

We finished with Goji berries & carrot cake, chamomile ice cream – unfortunately you couldn’t taste the goji berries but the carrot cake was soft and smooth…

If you want to try something new and different yet healthy, I’d highly recommend a visit to Grain Store.



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