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I love sushi but have often found that you don’t always get much choice when it comes to veg sushi….and if you do it’s either fast food style where you can choose what you want at Itsu or Wasabi or you get 6 of the same dishes at high end restaurants!

I read about Sticks’n’Sushi opening in Wimbledon in 2012 so added it to my list of places to try but never made it to Wimbledon. So was super excited to hear that they opened a branch in Covent Garden – Sticks n Sushi is Danish, where there are ten branches and it’s apparently the best sushi restaurant in Denmark!

The whole style is very Scandi chic – minimalistic, wooden, rustic brick walls and friendly staff who are very helpful at explaining how to order and what to order!

There’s something for everyone on the menu – classic cocktails with a Japanese twist, a huge selection of sushi and, for those who don’t like raw fish, yakitori sticks with meat, fish and vegetarian choices, salads and lots more to choose from. There’s a menu filled with different set platters including one for veggies if you are not sure what you want which is what we went for. Then you can just add on any extras you feel like.

We had the following dishes between the four of us:

  • Mini maki de luxi with 4 different types of sushi/ebi rolls
  • Greenkeeper with yasai sticks, hosomaki, edaname, nigiri, yakitori
  • Spare ribs
  • Yaki sticks

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And of course the dessert was divine – little taster pots of:

  • Matcha Tea ice cream
  • Vanilla Creme Brulee
  • Chocolate Fondant with hazelnut and caramel brittle
  • White chocolate with sweet miso and popping corn

image (6)

 It’s a fun venue to enjoy platters of food and cocktails!


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