Ethiopian – The Queen of Sheba

My husband and I have become fans of Ethiopian food after trying it in Nairobi! After much searching and reading reviews online we found one that’s not that far – The Queen of Sheba in Kentish Town.

This tiny little restaurant filled with Ethiopian trinkets, furniture and art has a warm ambience and  is a perfect place for those who wanting Ethiopian cuisine. The staff are super helpful and explain all the dishes and how to order! The food takes time to make so be prepared for a wait!

Now on to the food! Ethiopian food is similar to Indian with lots of vegetarian choices. The food centres around the concept of multiple people eating from injera (sourdough-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture – like dosa but has a different tangy taste) kept on a huge centre plate is pretty unique.

photo (16)

We started with the Katinga – crispy chilly injera was which really spicy but tasty. This was followed by choosing the vegetarian platter which has an assortment of ‘wats’ (stews) that was laid out enticingly on one huge injera, with other rolled up loaves being served in a separate basket. The stews we had included:spicy lentils, roasted chickpeas, cabbage with carrots and potatoes. It was very more-ish – completely different from any other curry I’ve eaten and you just want to eat more and more!


The only downside is that I felt it was a little overpriced – £60 for two with no alcohol. Howver, the atmosphere, the food and the staff make this a truly fab place to experience something new and delicious.