Pizza East – crusts and all!

Catching up with school friends is always fun, especially when you haven’t seen them in ages as we have a common love for Italian, we decided to go to Pizza East.

“Trendy” is the best word to describe Pizza East. Lots of wooden tables packed fairly close together give it a really buzzing atmosphere in the middle of Kentish Town! Kentish Town really has its share of authentic restaurants!

As the name suggests, it’s all about the pizzas at Pizza East, but there are no flimsy margaritas on offer. Instead its about the gourmet toppings – the pizzas are piled with fresh, seriously tasty ingredients. Despite the menu being pretty meat-heavy the kitchen is flexible and happy to make changes.

photo 1 (1)

We went straight onto ordering pizza – well it would have been rude not to given why we were here! I opted for the vegetarian pizza – portobello mushroom, spinach, egg but without the egg! The pizzas looked and smelt amazing – they were really very good and full of flavour – like somebody had gone to Naples and replicated the simple taste.

The defining feature of the pizzas here are the crusts. These things feel like they’re almost dipped in butter. Gives it a really nice texture and ensures it’s packed with flavour.

To finish up, we found space to fit in desserts – we went for the Tiramisu and the Salted chocolate caramel tart. Both were outstanding. You could only have a few bites of the tart though as it was really heavy! But the tiramisu – it was one of the more best I’ve had.

photo 2

If you want to eat amazing pizza and have a fun evening out, Pizza East will be the perfect place for you.



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