Posh Mexcian – Cantina Laredo

Cantina Laredo is the London outpost of an American chain of Mexican restaurants. It’s a post Mexican unlike the streetfood venues like Wahaca and most importantly they have a vegetarian menu!!

The cocktail menu looked good and being in a Mexican restaurant we opted for strawberry mojitos that were tangy yet refreshing.

The menu is straightforwardly Mexican and Tex-Mex. Tacos, enchiladas, flautas, empanadas and quesadillas all make an appearance. The show starter was the Guacamole En Molcajete – this speciality is as fresh as fresh can be and prepared right in front of you, so you can dictate everything from the chillies to the coriander, making it a tasty dip to go with the tortilla chips. It’s also made at the table which was fun to watch.








I chose the Fajitas Vegetarianas with portabella mushrooms, asparagus, artichokes, tomatoes, onions, peppers all grilled and served on a sizzling skillet. It was also accompanied by flour tortillas, coriander lime rice, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and black beans. My friends went for the mixed grill and we shared between us. It tasted good but I felt the dishes needed more seasoning and spice to it – also there wasn’t enough guacamole or sour cream to go around.

We finished off with the three scoops of ice-cream including chilli chocolate, tequila and a sorbet alongside freshly made churros. They were divine. I’d recommend this place as somewhere different to the usual street food Mexican choices.



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