Me: During the day, I’m a PR consultant for mainly technology companies. I’ve always loved travelling, finding new restaurants and cuisines and cooking up new recipes. I inherited the love for travelling and experiencing other cultures from my parents, with whom I have travelled since I was little.

I am still discovering the world and all the fantastic flavours it has to offer! My passion for cooking runs in the family as well with my mum and mother in law being fantastic cooks. My family is of Indian origin but brought up in Kenya, so you can truly say that we are a “multi cultural family” and that is often reflected in what we eat.

About: Traveleat.wordpress.com is about the different places I’ve been to and food I’ve tried or attempted to make. The blog is about the things I love in life which I want to share with the world. It might come in handy if you’re looking for somewhere new to visit on your lunch break, if you like an adventure or if you’re looking for a place to take a date but can’t face the formality of a restaurant.

What: We heavily rely on recommendations to guide us to new places to see or go to or eat at – there are so many fantastic places around London and the rest of the world to discover and often we just don’t know what is on our doorsteps! I wanted a place where I could share recommendations and get tips from others.

Enjoy the pics, recipes and tips and feel free to leave any suggestions….

Sharmee xoxo


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