Baby food classes

As many of you know I had a baby at the end of last year, we started weaning little Reya about in July by making all the usual purees with mashed fruit and veg. Favourites included apple and pear compote, avocado, papaya and banana, sweet potato, butternut squash and carrot.

I really want to make sure that Reya could eat some of the spices that we have in our food and was getting a little bored of the standard recipes/combinations…so was glad I came across: Spices for my Sweets – weaning workshops. The workshops are hosted by Kim Wilshaw, mother of two, who wanted her children from the beginning to experience different flavours, in particular spices and herbs. Kim runs several workshops from her home however was kind enough to run two classes at my friends place closer to home for our little ones teaching us how to make several recipes .

We learnt how to make several dishes that were baby friendly – and tasty such as: cauliflower cheese, vegetable pasta, spinach and potato curry, butternut squash with roasted cumin, lentils with courgettes. Food that we would happily eat with the addition of some salt and chilli.

I’d highly recommend approaching Kim to join her workshops – it not only helped me with making non-bland food for Reya but gave me the confidence to prepare a variety of freshly home-cooked food. Now at 10 months, I’ve started making one meal for us that I give to her first without the salt and chilli.

Tip – Start off by adding garlic to food, then some of the spices for example cinnamon to apple purees, nutmeg and pepper to cauliflower cheese. Before long you can even have the same meals!

Recipe for butternut squash with cumin: Take half a cup of chopped butternut squash and put in steamer. While the squash is cooking, take a separate pan and turn up the heat. Once hot add a pinch of cumin seeds – they will start to toast. Check the squash is ready by poking to feel how soft it is. Add to the blender along with the cumin seeds.